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Graphic details in Sun Prairie homicide revealed in court records

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MADISON (WKOW) --  Dane County court records show a homicide victim in Sun Prairie was decapitated by a sword.

Authorities arrested 40-year-old Matthew Skalitzky Friday in connection to the death of his mother, 68-year-old Jane Skalitzky, and tentatively charged him with first degree intentional homicide.

Affidavits attached to three different search warrants state Matthew Skalitzky's roommate, Herbert Charlan, called 911 Friday from outside the unit he shared with Skalitzky at 1052 Providence Common in Sun Prairie.

When Sun Prairie Police officers interviewed Charlan, courts records state he saw Matthew and Jane Skalitzky arriving at the unit earlier together and going to upstairs.  Records state he heard a commotion and the woman saying, "no, no, no,"  and went up the stairs to check on them.

Records state Herbert Charlan "...observed Matthew holding a sword and Jane's body down on the ground.  Herbert described Jane's head as being decapitated."

Court records show a physician from the Dane County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed the decapitation.

Records state the sword was found on the unit's front porch.

Court records say Jane Skalitzky and Matthew Skalitzky's father, Joseph had been away on vacation, and concerned their son was not taking prescribed medication.  Records state when they returned, Joseph Skalitzky said his son had resumed taking medication, but was agitated Friday morning before leaving the parents' home with his mother for his Providence Common unit.

Records of two previous court cases involving Matthew Skalitzky include Skalitzky telling court officials he was taking medication for a mental disease.

Search warrant affidavits say Skalitzky told arriving officers Jane Skalitzky was not his "real mother."  A family friend tells 27 News Jane Skalitzky was Matthew Skalitzky's adoptive mother.

Records state officers seized suspected marijuana, a sword, a machete, a gun, a journal, medication and other items in searches of the Sun Prairie unit, a car, and Jane and Joseph Skalitzky's home.

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