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Officer helps homeless man get to work

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ROELAND PARK, KS (WKOW) -- A police officer in Kansas who was called to investigate a suspicious person in a park now says that encounter changed the way he does his job.

"It made my day," Officer Zach Stamper said. "It made my career."

Officer Stamper met Samuel Meixueiro during his commute to work last week. Samuel was taking a break in the park because his trek to the office is an actual one; every day he walks two and a half hours just to get to his job.

Samuel says he lost his home recently and knew he couldn't afford to lose his job too.

The two men started talking and when Officer Stamper realized Samuel wasn't looking for trouble, the officer offered him a ride to work. But Samuel's story stuck with Officer Stamper long after he dropped off his new friend.

"I was like, wow," Officer Stamper said. "My commute, I drive to work and it's done. I couldn't imagine spending five hours a day traveling back and forth to work, let alone on foot!"

A half an hour later, Officer Stamper came back for Samuel with a new bike. He also brought him a duffle bag to carry his belongings.

Samuel said he was overwhelmed by the officer's kindness.

"I cried," Samuel said. "I couldn't believe it. Things are so hard for me right now. Any kind of help is just a blessing."

Samuel said the bike meant the world, but what meant even more was someone believing in him and his future. The pair exchanged phone numbers and plan to stay in touch for a long time to come.

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