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Thieves posing as gutter cleaners strike again

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison Police say two men posing as gutter cleaners stole from a second family just an hour after a family on Flambeau Rd. got jewelry stolen last Wednesday.

According to police, two men with a similar description as the two men who stole wedding rings from the Laubers, hit a home on Charles Lane.

The homeowner called police on Saturday after discovering jewelry was missing from his wife's jewelry box. Two men showed up claiming to be gutter "repairmen".

After the thieves negotiated a price with the victim in the garage, they claimed hot water was needed to complete job. The victim escorted one of the suspects to the basement to get water, while the other thief was left in garage by himself.

According to police, when they rendezvoused back in the garage, the thieves told the victim they forgot calk and would need to go buy some. 

The two men never returned. 

Like the theft on Flambeau Rd., the suspect descriptions are as follows: Male, white, 50's, short grayish hair, clean cut, medium build. The other is male, hispanic, 30's, slender build, short hair, clean cut, speaks with an accent.

If you have any information contact Madison Area Crime Stoppers at (608) 266-6014.

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