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WI 7th grader talks about experience with dangerous choking game

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INDEPENDENCE (WKOW) -- The Space Monkey Challenge, also known as the Choking Game, has been trending in the Independence School District.

Students say they play the game to get a high without the use of drugs.

On Monday, 7th grader Ariah Rand played it and passed out on the locker room floor.  Ariah says, "I thought it was silly. I didn't think anything was going to happen. So they told me to close my eyes as they pressed on my chest and everything blacked out. And then they said that I was out for like 30 seconds so when I got up I felt really weird, there was a tingling in my hands. I felt really cold and I didn't remember what happened."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says cutting off oxygen to the brain can cause serious brain damage or death.  Luckily, when Ariah went to the doctor, everything was okay, but she had to take precautions.

"She was not to have any excessive stimulation on the brain," Ariah's mom, Denise, says. "She was not allowed to listen to any music. The doctor didn't even want her to do homework, watch TV, nothing."

Our affiliate, WQOW, says the Independence School District will be addressing students next week about this troubling trend.

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