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A Solution to a Salty Problem: Madison and Dane Co. working to tackle taste of Spring Harbor water

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MADISON (WKOW) -- For years, people in Madison's Spring Harbor neighborhood have voiced concern over road salt altering the taste to their water.

The city and county now seem to be taking the complaints seriously, rolling out a targeted winter maintenance plan.

"It's something that compromises the aesthetic taste of the water," Madison Water Quality Manager Joe Grande says, when asked about sodium chloride in the water. "If trends continue at the well, our customers may reject that water because it has the salty taste to it."

He knows the runoff at Well 14 can impact the quality.

"Salt for example, anything that's applied on Whitney Way or University of even the potential to make it into the ground water and the ground water that's serving that well," Grande said.

He says that's why this year you'll see the city and county trying something new.

"From the Beltline to Whitney Way, they be using anti-icing brine before the storms and the city will be adding equipment and vehicles before the snow events."

Grande says these efforts will make a big difference.

"By using anti-icing, you can reduce your overall use of salt use by 50 or 60 percent and so the intent is by using anti-icing, we looked forward to less salt being applied."

The city of Madison says they have two anti-icing trucks and those will be focused on the Spring Harbor neighborhood. 

If you'd like to learn more about efforts to conserve or better use rock salt, head online to https://www.wisaltwise.com

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