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Back to the Future is headed to the past

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(WKOW) -- October 21, 2015 is a day fans of Back to the Future have been waiting for.  After 26 years, audiences can see if the predictions in the classic film have come true.  It's the day where the movie's time-traveling machine destination and the actual calendar match. 

While the flying Delorean may not need roads, 2015ers still do.  Flying cars like Aeromobil exist, but as a business they are barely off the ground. 

Same goes for the hoverboard.  Up until now, they have hardly hovered, and people riding seem to do most of the flying off. 

There's still no self-sizing or self-drying, and Pepsis (even the commemorative Back to the Future bottles) don't come with a straw built into the lid.  

Hope for perhaps the most astounding prophecy in the film, the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, is dwindling.  The Mets are leading the Cubs 3-0 in a best of seven series in the playoffs.  If New York wins game four tonight, Chicago will be eliminated. 

Back to the Future did get some things right too, though.  It properly predicted flatscreen televisions, Skype-like communication, card readers, biometrics and 3D technology.  

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