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Janesville family who lost infant child gets "sign" during 27 News interview

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JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- A Janesville family who lost their infant son, Ean, due to stillbirth three years ago is still grieving his loss. But they have moments of connection with him.

The Burkes created "Ean's Garden" when mother Mary was still pregnant with Ean. Mary, her husband Bob and their four living children, Emily, Abby, Nolan and even little Madeline tend to the garden when they want to feel close to Ean. They continually add special rocks, statues and other trinkets. The garden has several dragonflies in the garden, the family's symbol for Ean. The headstone where he is buried has several dragonflies on the back. 

Something special happened in that garden during a recent visit with 27 News anchor Dani Maxwell. Dani was interviewing the Burke family for a special story on infant loss and the "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" organization. 27 News Photojournalist Matt Behrens was getting video of the Burke family in Ean's Garden when he noticed Mary reacting excitedly. He focused in on her, and realized a dragonfly had landed in the palm of her hand. The entire Burke family crowded around to see, and wonder at "the sign." As Matt continued to get video of the family the dragonfly hopped from rock to rock, as if wanting to be part of the story too. Of course, Mary and Bob might say "he" was the focus of the story all along.

Mary and Bob told Dani later they had never seen a dragonfly in that garden before. Click on the video above to see the exchange with the dragonfly and their talk with Dani afterward.

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