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Skibba Sisters share more than just state titles

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MIDDLETON, Wisconsin (WKOW) -- In the Skibba household, awards and medals are plenty for their four children, Brett, Aryn, Loren, and Kaisey. 

The two youngest share a tighter bond that most of the time goes unnoticed to outsiders. Loren is tall, outspoken and blonde.
Then there's Kaisey, who is smaller in stature with long, brown hair.
From first glance, they look more like friends than sisters, but these two were born just minutes apart.

"We do not look alike at all," says Loren, a senior at Middleton, "I'm taller, people always think she's younger than me, but she's actually older than me." Kaisey quickly adds, "Yeah, by three minutes."

Yes, these two are in fact twins. And while they share some similar traits, the differences are definitely there.

"I mean like sometimes we have moments that are like twin moments." Kaisey says when explaining heir relationship, before Loren chips in, finishing her sentence for her, "We laugh at each others jokes when no one else gets it."

They both agree that normally twins do like the same thing like same sports, but the twins and their older siblings found different areas to show off their athleticism. The eldest, Brett, plays hockey for the University of Connecticut. Aryn, the oldest girl, competes as a gymnast at the University of Minnesota.

But the twins share another major similarity than just being womb-mates: they both won state titles in just a four day span. 

First, Loren helped the Cardinals capture a team golf title, then the following weekend, Kaisey and her doubles partner took home the division 1 doubles championship. 

"We worked hard all season to prepare for the tournament and we actually played the best matches of our lives," says Kaisey as she reflects on her title match. 
Loren adds, "And like it was fun seeing how we each did in our own sport."

Now the two seniors are about to part ways for the first time in their lives, as Loren heads to play for Northern Arizona after graduation. Kaisey has yet to decided on her college of choice, but wants to stay closer to home than her twin. 

But a twin's bond can always go the distance.


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