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Houston we have a backup

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CHAMPAIGN, Illinois (WKOW) -- He was once one of the biggest recruits out of the state of California, but since Bart Houston's arrival to Madison he's been tabbed as just the guy that relieves starter Joel Stave in their blowout victories.
But in yesterday's game, he truly made a name for himself.

Early in the first quarter Stave joined the growing list of wounded Badgers, exiting the game with a head injury.
Cue Houston, the unlikely hero in Wisconsin's 24-13 win over Illinois. 

"It's always the next man in, you gotta be just as ready if not more prepared than the starters," Houston said after going 25-of-35, for 232 yards and two touchdowns. "I'd been waiting for, how many years.... three, four or something like that. So yeah, it's fun to play the game again."

Despite a few sacks and a pair of interceptions, Houston showed the ability to move the ball and carry the Badgers to victory. 

"You know I thought Bart Houston came in today and did really well. I thought he came in and did extremely well, " senior safety Michael Caputo said in the post game press conference."He was a leader out there and took control of the offense. Took control of the team really and that just inspires us all, even on the defensive half."

Freshman offensive lineman Michael Deiter moved to center after starter Dan Voltz suffered a second-half injury. He raved about the backups capabilities as well.

"He came in there, he was a leader. I mean, he wasn't scared at all. Wasn't wide eyed, he was ready to go. He was having fun out there. It was a lot of fun."

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