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WI Dairy News: Aging Cheese

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MINERAL POINT (WKOW) -- It takes a good palate to know when a batch of cheddar will be prime for aging, and one Wisconsin cheesemaker has created a niche business by aging his cheddars for more than a decade.

Tony Hook and his wife Julie have owned Hook's Cheese in Mineral Point since 1987.  Tony says, "We decided we were going to get into more aged cheddars rather than just aging to a year or two, at that point we thought we'd go to five or seven. Nobody else was really going that far at the time."  Now, the Hooks are known for aging their cheddars anywhere from ten to twenty years.

The Hooks credit the great flavor of their aged cheddars to sourcing quality milk from the same small family farms for nearly forty years.

Hook's Cheese is releasing a batch of 15-year cheddar on October 30th at its cheese store in Mineral Point. A day after that, It'll have it at the Dane County Farmers' Market in Madison. The 15-year cheddar will also be available at retail stores throughout the country.


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