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The importance of chiropractic care for children

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MADISON (WKOW) -- October is chiropractic month. Dr. Wade Anunson from Anunson Chiropractic stopped by the WKOW studio Wednesday morning to explain they the public should be better educated on the issue. 

“Dentists have done a great job at educating the public that every person, young and old, needs to have their teeth checked by a dentist, regardless of any tooth pain or symptoms," Dr. Anunson said. "It’s the same with chiropractic care; every person should have their spine checked. A healthy spine and nervous system means a healthy functioning body."

On Thursday, October 29th chiropractors will hold educational events throughout the State of Wisconsin. Here in Dane County, several chiropractors will come together to educate the community about the importance of chiropractic care and why all children need to be checked by a chiropractor.

In the last decade, with almost every kid using handheld devices to communicate, play games or watch videos, the prevalence of so called “text neck” has become a serious orthopedic issue and a big concern for chiropractors. Chiropractors help relieve some of these issues by re-aligning the spine, teaching better posture habits, and helping parents to better understand the long term effects of this “heads down” lifestyle.

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