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Blind student sees for the first time

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BOISE, ID (WKOW) -- For years, a young man from Sierra Leone could only imagine what the world looked like around him, but now he's able to see it for himself. 

"I have got to learn so many things. Yellow, red, green, blue," Joseph Sesay says, "I'm seeing them brighter than I thought they should be."

Joseph came to Idaho as en exchange student and while he was in the U.S. he had surgery to remove congenital cataracts. Now Joseph is able to see and he says there are hundreds of things he wants to do with his new vision like learn how to read or see his parents' faces for the first time. 

But, he says, as exciting as all of this is, he's feeling overwhelmed. 

"I think I'm going to be very patient," he says. "I'm not going to rush things."

People in Boise have rallied around Joseph as he gets used to his new vision, and the principal of his high school says the young man has made a huge impression on the community. 

"He's changed Boise High," Principal Robb Thompson says. "He really has. I think it's a mutually beneficial relationship."

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