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Wisconsin hunter's video of "following pheasant" goes viral

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(WKOW) -- A Wisconsin man gets quite the surprise when out hunting for deer the other evening.

Kurtis Fries shared video with WKOW that he uploaded to his Facebook page. In it, you hear him say he felt something following him, and when he turned around, he saw a pheasant. He tells the pheasant, "I almost shot you little guy."  

Kurtis picks up his bow and starts to walk away, but as he does, the pheasant follows. The hunter is surprised and says, "OK, you're my hunting buddy? Let's go!"

The pheasant follows Kurtis for the entire video and the whole time, Kurtis is expressing his surprise. WKOW had to edit out the audio as Kurtis himself admits, he had a potty mouth!

The video uploaded to Kurtis' own Facebook page has more than 8,000 shares in 19 hours.

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