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Last minute Thanksgiving tips and dishes

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DELAVAN (WKOW) -- If you're looking for some last minute Thanksgiving tips, Chef David Ross is your solution. 

Wednesday morning on Wake Up Wisconsin, Lake Lawn Resort Chef David Ross showed our viewers how to make several recipes for Thanksgiving.

Click on the video version of this story for a demonstration.

Wild Mushroom and Sage Bread Dressing

Ingredients Yields: 1- 8x8 Baking Dish

½ lb. Shitake Mushrooms

½ lb. Oyster Mushrooms

1 lb. Baby Bella Mushrooms

2 ea. Shallots, minced

5 cloves, Garlic, minced

3 Tbl. Olive Oil

12 c. Bread Cubes, dried

2 ribs, Celery, diced

1 medium Onion, diced

1 ea. Leek, white and some green , sliced

6 strips, Bacon, sliced ¼” strips

6 c. Turkey Stock or Chicken Stock

2 Tbl. Thyme, fresh, picked

2 Tbl. Sage, fresh, chopped

2 ea. Eggs

1 stick (1/4 lb) Butter

1 tsp. Kosher Salt

½ tsp. Black Pepper


Place dried bread in a large mixing bowl. Reserve

Butter the bottom and sides of a baking dish. Reserve

Heat the olive oil in a sauté pan over medium high heat. Sauté the mushrooms until the moisture is cooked off and the mushrooms begin to brown and caramelize. Add the shallot and the garlic sautéing another minute. Season mushrooms with some of the salt and pepper as you sauté.

Remove the cooked mushrooms and place into the bowl with the bread cubes.

Return sauté pan to the stove over medium high heat, add the bacon and cook until browned. Remove bacon adding to the bread bowl. Sauté the celery, onion and leeks I n the bacon fat until the onions are translucent . Add the fresh thyme and fresh sage stir to toss.

Add sautéed vegetables to the mixing bowl. Toss all of the ingredients to combine evenly.

Heat the turkey stock adding the warm stock to the bread mixture a cup at a time mixing as you go to evenly distribute the stock. Add the eggs to the bread mixture then mix to combine evenly, season with the remaining salt and pepper.

Place the bread dressing in the prepared baking pan. Slice the remaining butter and lay the slices around the top of the dressing. Wrap with foil and bake in a 350 degree oven for approx. 20-25 minutes. Unwrap and allow to brown another 5-10 minutes or as desired.

Prosciutto, Roasted Bell Pepper and Mozzarella Stuffed Breast of Turkey


1 ea. Turkey Breast, single lobe boneless, skin on

2 c. Spinach, cleaned

2 ea. Red Bell Pepper, roasted, seeded and skinned

4 slices Prosciutto Ham

5 oz. Mozzarella, fresh, sliced

To taste, Kosher Salt

To taste Black pepper , fresh ground

2 cloves Garlic, minced

1 Tbl. Sage, chiffonade

1 sprig Rosemary, minced fine

2 Tbl. Olive Oil


Season and marinate the mozzarella slices with the olive oil, rosemary, sage and garlic. Reserve.

Take the single lobe boneless turkey breast skin on and remove the tenderloin if it is attached. Reserve the tenderloin for another preparation.

Make a horizontal incision along the center of the breast only going about ¾ of the way. Open the breast like a book.

Season the inside of the breast with salt and pepper. Place a layer of the spinach on both sides of the breast meat. On the bottom side place a layer of prosciutto ham over the spinach. On top of the prosciutto place a layer of the roasted bell pepper. On top of the bell pepper place a layer of the seasoned mozzarella. Carefully fold over the turkey breast like closing a book. Be sure the breast completely covers the filling items. Tie with butcher’s twine to secure the filling and make the breast even in size. Season the outside of the breast with any remaining seasoned olive oil, salt and pepper.

Place turkey on a roasting rack placed over a roasting pan or baking sheet. Roast in a 325 degree oven until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees and the breast is golden browned approximately 45-60 minutes depending on your oven. You need to allow the turkey to reach 165 degree however residual heat/cooking will occur and bring the temperature to 165 degrees as the finished breast rests.

Carefully remove twine before carving. Turkey should rest 10-15 minutes before carving.

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with White Chocolate Foam

Maple Glazed Bacon and Fried Sage

Ingredients for Soup Yields approx. 1 ½ gallons

3 ea. medium sized Butternut Squash (yields 8 c.)

½ ea. Yellow Onion, diced

2 ea. Carrots, diced

2 ribs, Celery, diced

1/3 c. Marsalla Wine

1 Gal. Chicken Stock

1 qt. Heavy Cream

1 tsp. Kosher Salt

½ tsp. Black Pepper, fresh ground

1 ½ tsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice

1 oz. Butter, clarified

2 ea. Bay Leaves

1 Tbl. Brown Sugar

2 oz. Honey

½ tsp. Cayenne Pepper

As Needed Sage Leaves for garnish

Maple Bacon

12 slices Thick Cut Bacon

¼ c. Brown Sugar

¼ c. Pure Maple Syrup/Breakfast Syrup

White Chocolate Foam

¼ c. White Chocolate

1 c. Heavy Cream

Directions for the soup

Cut squash in half lengthwise. Scoop out seeds. Season with salt and pepper. Roast flesh side down in a 350 degree oven until very tender, approx. 35 to 45 minutes.

Allow squash to cool enough to handle. Remove the pulp from the skins. This should yield approx. 8 cups of cooked butternut squash.

In a soup pan add the clarified butter and sauté the carrots, celery and onion until the onion is translucent. Deglaze the vegetables with the Marsalla wine stirring the vegetables and wine until the wine evaporates. Add the chicken stock and bay leaves and the roasted squash. Bring the mixture to a boil then simmer 20 minutes until all of the vegetables are tender.

Remove the bay leaves and puree the soup with an immersion or stick blender or carefully in small in batches in a blender until completely smooth.

Heat the heavy cream, pumpkin pie spice, cayenne, brown sugar and the honey in a separate sauce pan just to the boiling point. Whisk the hot cream mixture into the squash mixture. Adjust the seasoning of the soup with the salt and pepper to your taste. Portion the soup into individual servings then drizzle or spoon the maple crème fraiche on top of the soup just prior to serving. Maple Glazed Bacon

Lay slices of bacon on a cookie sheet or cookie rack placed on a cookie sheet. Rub the brown sugar on the bacon,’Roast in a 350 degree oven until starting to brown 10 minutes or so. Then spread a layer of syrup on the bacon returning the bacon to the oven to glaze. Repeat as often as desires at least two times minimum and to desired bacon crispness. Cool on rack.

White Chocolate Foam

Heat heavy cream just up to the boil. Pour the cream over the white chocolate in a separate bowl. Stir until completely dissolved. Chill until cold. Minimum of 40 degrees or overnight . beat with a whisk until desired thickness or with an electric hand blender. Portion soup, top with chocolate foam, bacon and sage leaves

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