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Former prep coach's trial will involve two victims

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MADISON (WKOW) -- A judge says the sex assault trial of a former Madison West High girls basketball coach can include accusations involving two women, even though the alleged crimes took place six years apart.

An attorney for 43-year old Shelton Kingcade argues the two incidents are separated in time, involve different witnesses, and Kingcade could be forced to give up his right to refuse to testify in response to a particular charge, if he took the witness stand in connection with either accusation if the trial involved both felony counts.

But Dane County Judge William Hanrahan ruled the accusations are strikingly similar, and it's legally appropriate for the trial to involve both accusations.

Authorities say a woman says Kingcade sexually assaulted a middle school student over a period of four years ending in 2001.  They say Kingcade was her basketball coach.

Officials say another woman states Kingcade sexually assaulted her when she was 13.  Authorities say she declined to cooperate with an investigation in 1992, but decided to come forward after becoming aware of the other woman's accusation.

Kingcade was fired as West High's girls varsity basketball coach in May.

Assistant Dane County district attorney Emily Thompson says she plans to ask the court to allow evidence of a previous, sexual assault involving Kingcade in 1990.  Thompson says Kingcade was found responsible for the assault, but successfully completed the terms of a deferred, prosecution program, and the charge was dropped.

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