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DIY holiday gifting ideas

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MADISON (WKOW) -- We are officially less than three weeks away from Christmas 2015.  That means, if you haven't already, it's time to get into the gifting spirit. 

Craft projects or DIY gifts can be very special to give and receive.  Saturday morning on Wake Up Wisconsin Georgina Wilkins with Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores joined us in the WKOW studios with some ideas.  Below are the instructions for gold decorated ornaments, a fur cowl scarves and mitten chalkboard ornaments.   You can click on the video version of this story for more of a demonstration. 


* Clear craft ornament
* Painter's paint marker, gold
Optional Items:
* Glitter or shredded paper
* Computer/Printer
* Dowel rod or chenille stem

1. Prepare paint marker per instructions on marker.
2. Using gold paint marker, generously color a dot on the ornament or design a personalized look by adding a monogram.
3. Repeat in a random pattern.
4. Allow to dry.
5. Fill with glitter or shredded paper (optional)


* 1/2 yd fur fabric
* Sewing machine
* Basic sewing supplies

Seam allowance 1/2" unless otherwise stated.
1. Sew fabric RS together lengthwise.
2. Turn right-side out. Fold raw edges under and hand-stitch cowl closed.


* Unfinished wood mitten ornament
* Fabric fat quarter
* Chalk board paint
* Mod Podge®
* Green twine
* X-Acto® knife
* Cutting mat
* Foam brush
* Medium paintbrush
* Scissors
* Chalk marker

1. Apply a thick coat of Mod Podge® to back of mitten.
2. Position on fabric and let dry.
3. Cut excess fabric using X-Acto® knife.
4. Apply coat of Mod Podge® around front rim of mitten.
5. Position fabric and allow to dry.
6. Cut excess fabric around and inside using X-Acto® knife.
7. Apply Mod Podge® on fabric if necessary.
8. Paint inside mitten with chalkboard paint. Allow to dry. Apply additional coats as necessary.
9. Use X-Acto® knife to re-pierce holes on top of mitten.
10. Cut a 10" length of twine, thread through hole and knot.
11. Use chalk marker to personalize.

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