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Family of "Baby Bou Bou" frustrated by jury's "not guilty" decision, moving forward with civil lawsuits

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GEORGIA (WKOW)--  The family of the boy  known as "Baby Bou Bou" says it's disappointed after a former deputy was found not guilty of providing false information in the drug raid that injured their son.

Family spokesperson Marcus Coleman spoke to 27 News Sunday and said the family is frustrated the jury didn't convict former Habersham County deputy Nikki Autry. She was accused of providing false information that led to the search warrant and drug raid of a family member's home in Georgia, where the Phonesavanh family was staying.

During the drug raid a flash bang grenade was tossed into Baby Bou Bou's crib, causing lifelong injuries the family says will require special procedures every two years until he's fully grown.

"His lip has become fused to his upper jaw and his chest has become fused to his rib cage," Coleman explains. "Scar tissue has to be scraped off in order for the nerve endings to be able to grow properly with his body."

Coleman says the family started driving home to Janesville immediately after the verdict was reached on Friday. They say this portion of their story may be over, but the fight for justice will continue.

The family has reached settlements with the city and county where the incident took place, including $964,000 from Habersham County. That money will go towards the mounting medical bills for Bou Bou. Immediately after the accident family members say he went into a coma for five weeks. They say it's amazing to see his progress so far, but his injuries will still remain with him the rest of his life.

"You just can't ignore the fact that he is going to have to go through pain for large portions of his young life, but he will deal with the disfigurement forever," Coleman explains.

Now that the criminal proceedings are complete the family will continue civil suits against Rabun and Stephens counties, both of which the family says played a part in the drug raid that maimed their son.

The family is also working with Georgia U.S. Congressman Hank Johnson on a bill that aims to demilitarize police departments. They're hoping to eliminate or decrease the use of explosive devices like this flash bang grenade that injured their son.   

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