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Officer's body-cam records NM girl's rescue after carjacking

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM (WKOW) -- Police in New Mexico are searching for a carjacker they say stole a vehicle with a 3-year-old inside. However, they say even if he's never found this story already has a happy ending because the little girl is now safe at home. 

"The only thing that could make it better, the cherry on top, would be getting this guy in handcuffs," Officer Tanner Tixier with the Albuquerque Police Department said. 

Little Caraline Leon-Alcocar was found in parking lot all alone early Sunday morning. She was crying and cold, but authorities say otherwise she was okay. Video of her rescue was caught on an officer's body-cam. You can hear him comfort the little girl as he and other officers try to warm her up. 

Police say the ordeal began Saturday night while Caraline's mom was filling up water jugs right next to the car, when the criminal jumped inside and took off with the little girl still in the back seat. The car was eventually found; police say it could still provide key clues like DNA and finger prints. 

Now the APD is asking the public to help identify the thief. They have a grainy surveillance picture and a description from Caraline and her mother.

"Someone knows who this guy is," Tixier said. "He's talked to someone, he got freaked out, someone can recognize him, come forward. Help us catch this guy."

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