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Young girl gets best friend back thanks to social media

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PITTSBURGH, PA (WKOW) -- A little girl has her best friend back thanks to social media.

Sierra loves her stuffed monkey. "It's great to have Monkey back home with me." He's the star of this story. Sierra's best friend. They picnic together, celebrate birthdays, get ice cream and take a lot of family photos.

Sierra's father, Jeffrey says, "We took extra special care of him." So when Sierra lost Monkey after a basketball game Saturday, the family freaked. "The event center had checked; it wasn't in our section. I told them the route we walked," Jeffrey says.

Enter brothers Malcolm and Jamison."It looked very loved, so I gave it to my mom and dad." The boys found Monkey outside the stadium.

Their mom says, "They picked it up and we decided we should try to find its owner because it looked very loved. We came home and took a picture of it and decided to put it on Facebook."

They hoped people would share Monkey's picture, which they did. "We weren't expecting it to get shared as much as it was!" Nearly 3,000 shares and less than a day later: the reunion! Sierra and Monkey were together again.

"I would like to say thank you very much, because not I feel just really happy that he's home," says Sierra. "And I just hope that they're listening to this, because I hope they understand how happy I am now."

As one of the boys put it, "I'm glad that she got her monkey back. Really happy, really happy."

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