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Liver Lovers: Fell in love with her donor, now getting married

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FRANKFORT, IL -- Heather Krueger and Chris Dempsey are getting married, and they love to tell the story of how they first met.

Heather was diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease in 2014. She wasn't doing well, so in January 2015, her doctor suggested she look for a living donor. Heather's cousin started talking about the situation at work.  Chris overheard her and wanted to help, even though he hadn't met Heather.

Chris told our ABC affiliate, WLS, "When I heard about it, I just put myself in that position and said I would really want someone to help me."

Chris got tested and he called Heather with the results. That is the first time they had ever talked.

The surgery happened in March, but even before that, there were sparks between the two.  There were a few complications after the surgery, but they both bounced back.  

Heather says, "Getting through this, sticking with me through that, and then after we got out, wanted to make it official. I knew he was special."

Last month, Chris proposed to Heather during a carriage ride after a romantic day on the town. Connected through their livers and hearts, Heather and Chris plan to get married in October.


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