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20,000 sewer inlets clogged as Madison Streets prepare for next wintry batch

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Mixed precipitation is expected to challenge Madison Street crews still trying to clean up from last week's storm.

With more than 20,000 clogged sewer grates, Madison Streets Spokesman George Dreckman says if they aren't cleared, the water can pool.

"The ponding on the street and the fact that it can freeze and can really turn it into an ice rink that's really the biggest concern here," Dreckman said.

He worries about low-lying areas with stop signs.

"People are gonna be stopping or trying to stop at an intersection and the fact that they have this thick layer of ice makes for a problem."

Dreckman says it's not worth it to risk your personal safety to declog the inlets.  He says city engineering is trying to get to as many as they can, but they know most will remain an issue.

Meanwhile, five brine trucks headed out ahead of the storm Wednesday night to treat main arteries leading downtown.  Dreckman says the brine works wonders in warmer temps.

"The brine should work really well for what we're expecting because we are expecting some sleet with it that provides some moisture that starts to activate the salt and the brine,  so it becomes more effective between the precipitation and the pavement, " he added.

The salt trucks and spreaders will head out after 11 p.m. to begin treating the roads. 

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