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Company benefits from popular diagram about "dogs in pants"

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CANADA -- After a diagram about whether dogs would wear pants on their two hind legs or all four legs went viral, a company in Canada has seen the benefits.

Muddy Mutts provides "pants" that go on all four legs. The creators say it stops your dog from getting too muddy while on walks. The company's sales have jumped 2,800% and they have sold out of their products. Now, there's a waiting list.

The company's owner, Tim Skelly, told CNN's Jeanne Moos the trick to getting dogs into Muddy Mutts: "Dogs are like people, have to put their pants on one leg at a time. The easiest way to put on a Muddy Mutt is to start with the front legs."

After you put it on each leg, you fasten the Velcro cuffs and three straps. Muddy Mutts says after that, you're pet is ready for a walk in the rain.


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