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Town of Geneva homeowner speaks out after officers shoot and kill knife wielding man

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TOWN OF GENEVA (WKOW) -- An eyewitness to an officer involved shooting in Walworth County Friday night is speaking out about what happened. 

Town of Geneva homeowner Gary Humphrey says his 18-year-old son, Jeremiah, had a group of friends over, when 26-year-old Eric Olsen showed up, unannounced.

"He showed up with a battle ax and beat through the window of my son's bedroom,"  Humphrey said.  "We didn't know initially, I heard a smash, I thought it was a tree or a car hit my house, then I saw the girls screaming and the ax going over and over again," he added.

Humphrey recalls it like a scene ripped from a horror movie. 

"Be like Jason breaking through their window, some monster starts breaking through the window,"  Humphrey said.  He fears it will be hard to get the image out of his mind after he and his son fought off the attacker with a hammer and then a crowbar. 

Before police arrived, Humphrey says Olsen raged inside and then outside his house.  When officers showed up, things escalated quickly.

"There were a whole lot of gunshots, then I looked outside and he [Olsen] was laying on the ground." Officers say Olsen lunged and charged at them with a long knife.  

Humphrey believes the acquaintance didn't give them much of a choice. 

"They made the only choice that he [Olsen] gave them."

Still, Humphrey wishes police had another option.

"I thought there are better ways to handle it, it's just officers were not given tasers or a gun with a net but they did what they are trained to do."

As for Gary, he's in shock from the experience.

"We survived, it's not the funnest thing to keep playing over and over in your head to see someone dying in front of you, but cops do it all the time, how do they manage that?"

Walworth County and the DOJ are investigating the incident.  The two officers are on paid administrative leave.

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