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Demonstrators protest Janesville pet store, alder drafting puppy mill ordinance

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JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- A city council member in Janesville is responding to calls for tougher standards for pet stores as some in the community are rallying to urge pet owners to support shelters and not what they're calling puppy mills.

Dozens of people demonstrated outside Janesville Mall Saturday to spread the word about a business inside that they claim sells dogs that are bred in poor conditions.

"A lot of dogs come with health issues, whether they're just some sort of disease or a parasite or something, or sometimes more longer lasting health issues," says organizer Robin Bente.

The demonstration comes after a 27 News report on two puppies that died from the parvovirus. The dogs' owners say they bought the animals from the Furry Babies store at the mall.

"Some of the pet stores we know give information to the public that may be less than the truth," says Carla Wehrspann, who showed up at the protest to represent an anti-puppy mill group. "We want to make sure that people know the truth about where the puppies that these stores are selling come from."

Now, animal activists are calling on the city of Janesville to take action to stop these practices. Alder Sam Liebert tells 27 News he's drafting a puppy ordinance. The proposal mirrors a similar effort in Milwaukee, that would only allow non-profits, government agencies or shelters to sell or adopt out animals in Janesville.

"The thought process behind this ordinance is not to shut stores down, but to try to bring them into what I think are the community's standards for what type of animals we want being adopted and sold in the area," says Liebert.

Liebert says he's seeking co-sponsors on the measure that's still being drafted and he hopes to sit down with some of the store owners to discuss any possible actions.

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