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2 girls suspended after one shares inhaler during asthma attack

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GARLAND, TX (WKOW) -- Two girls who were suspended for sharing an inhaler when one of them was having an asthma attack should be back in their regular classrooms Tuesday, but those suspensions will be on their permanent record.

Alexis Kyle and Indiyah Rush are 7th graders at Schrade Middle School in the Garland Independent School District. Recently, Kyle had an asthma attack and Rush offered Kyle her inhaler. According to Fox 4 News in Dallas, the school district suspended both girls for three days and they faced up to 30 days in an alternative school because the school said the two possessed, used and shared a controlled substance, which violates school policy.

Kyle's stepfather, Michael Green, told Fox 4 he's grateful Rush helped his daughter, because she's been put into the ICU before for her asthma. "The little girl saved her life. We know how bad her asthma is." Kyle adds, "I'm getting in trouble, but the thing is, she's getting in trouble too. She tried to help me. Asthma gets worse every second."

The classmates and friends have already served the suspensions, and the district has decided to drop the alternative school punishment after an appeal hearing last Thursday, reports Fox 4. But the suspensions will be on their permanent records, according to Garland ISD officials, plus the suspensions will reference a connection to a controlled substance; the asthma drugs. The district says it will count the suspensions as excused absences. 

Green told Fox 4 News, “If you’re going to let her back in school and not send her to alternative school take it off her record. It shouldn't be there anyway, she did no wrong."

Kyle worries having the suspension in her permanent file could keep her from going to the college where she wants to go - Baylor. “If they look at it and they see what it says it could affect me going to college. It could affect how they look at me.”

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