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Miller is writing the record book for Turner high school sports

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In high school sports, athletes and coaches come and go, but at Beloit Turner High School one man has remained. Karl Miller is the statistician for the Turner boys basketball and football teams.

"There's no money involved in it. People are playing for the sport as opposed to the professional athletes, and I just love that."

Miller hasn't missed a single game since he started taking stats in the early 1980s. He says he has attended 743 straight basketball games and 341 football games. Not even a broken foot or a hospitalization could keep him away.

"I told the doctor I had to get out of the hospital, and I said you can't be messing around with the paperwork. I gotta be out of here by four o'clock because I have a football game"

Miller's attendance isn't the only impressive aspect of his career. Beloit Turner senior Justin Hansen and many others have marveled at Miller's abilities with numbers.

"You ask about any game for really any year, and he'll give you any stats of any play that was on the team. It's crazy."

Former coach John Pelock has seen that skill first-hand for years.

"He's a savant. He's a numbers savant. That's what he is and nobody challenges him because he's always got this stuff right."

Miller created a Turner record book for both basketball and football teams, which is more detailed than you can imagine.

"I have a record here for the most consecutive free throws made and the highest is 23. The best three-point percentage in a career, and it was many, many hours because I want to do it right."

After decades on the job, Miller's passion for the job has not wavered. Neither has his desire to give back to his community.

"Something my parents told me to do in your life, do something good for your community. This is what I have done."

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