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Woman charged after dog found abused and abandoned, admitted to hitting dog with a hammer

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UPDATE (WKOW) --- Terri Lynn Benson, 56, was charged in Columbia County court Monday afternoon with Mistreatment of Animals, Disorderly Conduct use of Dangerous Weapon, and Animal Abandonment, in the case of a dog found abused and abandoned last week.

A criminal complaint filed in the case says police were called to French's Creek Wildlife area in Columbia County last Thursday, after individuals found a camping bag that was moving.

The callers told police they found a black lab wrapped in blankets inside, and that the dog was now walking around the parking lot.

Police got to the scene and noticed wounds to the dog's head, as well as dry blood on her. The say she also appeared very malnourished.

After media reports of the discovery, 56-year-old Terri Lynn Benson called officials to tell them it was her dog that had been found.

Benson told police the dog, Misty, had gotten out Wednesday for a few hours and came back "acting goofy."

Benson said she found her Thursday flip-flopping on the floor of the bedroom in her home in Pardeeville.  She also told police the dog was throwing up and having bowel movements within the house and thought the dog was "seizing."

The criminal complaint states Benson told police "I took her for a ride, I thought she was dead, I didn't have any money to do anything, my other half did call Cooper about putting her down.  I was a real (expletive) ."

Detective Haverley says that he asked Benson what else happened and Benson said, "nothing occurred."  Benson said she wrapped Misty in a blanket and put her in her car.

When the detective asked Benson about something else happening and the injuries to Misty's head, and if she thought she was putting the dog out of her misery, Benson then mentioned a hammer.

The detective asked Benson how many times she hit the dog with a hammer and she replied "three to four."  When the detective asked how hard, she responded she had "put the blanket and sheet over her head."

When Benson was asked about if she knew how much it would cost to have Misty euthanized, Benson said "50-something."

Benson also told police she left Misty there about 10-12 feet off the pavements edge around 4 p.m.

According to the criminal complaint, veterinarian Dr. Michael Cooper says Misty needed 19 staples to her head and the wounds were deep.

We will continue to update this story as we learn more.


PORTAGE (WKOW) --- The woman arrested after a dog was found abused and abandoned in Columbia County Thursday is in court Monday.

56-year-old Terri Lynn Benson is in court on charges of mistreating animals and abandoning animals.

On Thursday afternoon a black lab was found in a zipped up camping bag and was injured.

The dog who is now called Misty is at the Columbia County Humane Society and is continuing to make progress.

We will be in court and keep you updated here and on 27 News at 5 & 6.

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