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Texas dad charged with theft for confiscating his child's cell phone

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DALLAS, TX (WKOW) -- Parents, what would you do if you caught your kid misusing their cell phone? Take it away, right? 

A dad in Texas was charged with theft after he confiscated his 12-year-old's phone when he saw her sending rude texts about another person. 

Ronald Jackson said his ex-wife was not happy when she found out he took their daughter's phone. She claimed it wasn't his property to take in the first place. When she told her new spouse, who is a local police officer, the department made it their mission to get the cell phone back. 

But Jackson refused. 

"I didn't want to police department telling me how to parent my child," he said. "It made no sense to me for them to show up and make a big deal out of something that was a small thing."

Jackson confiscated his daughter's phone back in 2013. He was initially given a citation, and plenty of opportunities to return the phone according to police. Still Jackson stood by his punishment. A year and a half later, authorities issued a warrant and Jackson was charged with misdemeanor theft. 

"Why would you need to go arrest somebody for something like that?" Jackson asked. "Don't you have better things to do as a police officer? Aren't there bigger crimes in the city to go take care of?"

This week, a Dallas county judge ruled that there wasn't enough evidence to prove theft had occurred and found Jackson not guilty. Jackson's ex-wife said if he had just returned the phone from the beginning, none of this would have happened. But the judge disagreed, and allowed Jackson to keep the confiscated phone. 

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