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Misty the dog is healing at the Columbia County Humane Society, will move to foster home

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PORTAGE (WKOW) --- Misty the dog continues to improve and gain weight at the Columbia County Humane Society.

Dr. Mike Cooper at the Portage Veterinary Clinic says Misty's blood work came back and showed she is healthy for her age.  

Cooper added that they were able to find old vet records on Misty to determine she is 15-years-old, which is older than they thought.

As for the mammary tumor,  Cooper says it is hard to tell if it is cancerous or not, but he would guess that it is cancerous.  He did say her x-rays did not show cancer in her chest, so it is not spreading.

Misty does have chronic bronchitis, but Cooper says that could be due to her age.

The Columbia County Humane Society says that they would like to retain ownership of Misty to ensure she has the best rest of life and will move her to one of their foster homes as a hospice foster.

The Columbia County Humane Society says they thank everyone for there generous donations that are helping take care of Misty and they will continue to make sure she is loved and gets the best care possible.

Misty was brought in last week Thursday after a group of hunters found her beaten and left in a zipped up camping bag at a DNR area north of Portage.


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