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Alvarez approves of job Gard has done so far

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Barry Alvarez isn't ready to make a decision on who he will hire as the long-term head coach of the Badger men's basketball team, but he did give interim head coach Greg Gard a sign of approval. Through 10 games leading the Badgers, Gard has a 6-4 record and has won 4-straight, including wins over Michigan State and Indiana. When asked Monday about the job Gard has done so far, Alvarez admitted he's liked what he's seen.

"I've been impressed with how our basketball team has improved. I think it's quite obvious. I think there's individual improvement, I see them playing an entire game. Winning tough games. So I've been very much impressed," Alvarez said.

"For me it's just about the next day and the next game. That's what I can focus on because that's the most important thing right now for this team is for us to focus on whats next," Gard said when asked about Alvarez' comments.

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