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CA shipwreck resurfaces thanks to high surf

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SAN DIEGO (WKOW) -- A piece of American history near San Diego has recently resurfaced, literally. 

The SS Monte Carlo, a gambling ship that ran aground nearly 80 years ago, has emerged from its underwater resting place. That's because high surf from El Nino has wiped away the sand that had buried it. 

After prohibition of alcohol ended in the U.S. in the 1930s, gambling was still illegal. So the California mob set up shop in international waters. They ferried people to the "sin ship" every fifteen minutes until 1937, when the SS Monte Carlo sank in a storm. 

The ship was too large and expensive to remove, so it faded away to the bottom of the ocean. That is until now, and people are flocking to the beach to check out a part of history. 

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