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UPDATE: Columbia County hunter considered medical miracle after surviving freak accident

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COLUMBIA COUNTY (WKOW) -- Back in November, we first told you about a Columbia County hunter's near-death experience when he fell from a tree-stand and onto his hunting rifle. 

"I made a mis-step and rammed the barrel into my neck," Art Woodward said about that scary day he nearly died when he took the tumble and lodged the rifle three inches deep into his skin.

"Everything went in slow motion," his wife Roseanne recalls of the incident.  She says her son had to pull out the barrel, but amazingly, Art hadn't hit an artery. 

"Missed everything in there, no damage whatsoever," Roseanne said about what doctor's told them when they got to the hospital.  But she says they were far from being in the clear.

"They did a C-T scan scan to check all  that out and caught this thing in his head," Roseanne said about the orange-sized tumor they found inside Art's brain.

 The 77-year-old hunter is now being considered a medical miracle.

"A small orange or raquetball," is how Neurosurgeon Dr. Azam Ahmed describes Art's tumor.

He says the mass growing in his patient's brain could have been a ticking time bomb.

"Absolutely no question it would have caused a problem at some point," Dr. Ahmed said.

And Dr. Ahmed says while his patient didn't complain of the typical dizziness or confusion often linked to a tumor like this, he says there is likely a reason.

"Certainly he's had it for a very long time given the fact that it was able to get to this size without causing him more symptoms,"  Dr. Ahmed added.

Dr. Ahmed performed surgery on Art two weeks ago, but our 27 News cameras were rolling when Art was given the all clear on Thursday morning.

"We got the news that the tumor is benign," Art said.

It's news his daughter was thrilled to hear.

"Absolutely mind-boggling to me was the miracle when that gun hit when he fell, that gun didn't hit anything. It's almost like it (the tumor) was there pointing up saying look up guys,"  Julie Woodward said.

As for Art, he's looking forward to getting back to his lucky life.

"God has a different way of letting us know what our problems really are, and letting us know how lucky we can be sometimes,"  Art said.

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