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UPDATE: Misty the dog returns home after surgery

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UPDATE (WKOW) -- Misty the dog is now back home after having surgery.

Her foster family posted the following note on Facebook Friday night:

Look who's HOME!!!! Just a very quick post because I know all of you are wondering, worried and have held Misty in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers. Dr. Cooper and his staff are life savers. They have put all of their expertise and love and care into our sweet girl and let us take her home tonight. She is a MIRACLE!! It has been a very long, stressful and emotional past 24 hours and we just want to spend the night resting and loving on all our girls. I PROMISE that Misty will be back on tomorrow 'talking ' to you and telling you her stories again. We are extremely grateful to ALL of you. God heard, He answered, He saves! Good night and peaceful dreams. 


COLUMBIA COUNTY (WKOW) -- Well wishes are needed for Misty the dog. 

Her foster family posted on Facebook they needed to rush her to the veterinarian.  Misty's tumor had ruptured and she's in need of surgery, which is now scheduled for Friday. 

Dear friends of Misty. This is Brenda, Misty's foster mama. I needed to let everyone know something tonight. My husband Todd and I had to rush Misty to   the vet a little while ago. Her tumor has ruptured and she was bleeding heavily. Dr. Cooper told us that we really have no choice but to go ahead with the surgery to have it removed now. He feels very confident with all the love, care and good nutrition that we've been giving her that she is stronger now and is optimistic that she will pull through the operation. By the time we left, the bleeding had stopped. I cannot even put into words right now how we are feeling. It was extremely difficult leaving her there tonight, but we know she is in very capable hands and we trust Dr. Cooper 100%!! I have seen and felt an overwhelming love and support for Misty. That is why tonight, I am asking all of you to hold her close in your thoughts, and to storm the gates of Heaven with your prayers for Misty. Her surgery is tomorrow morning. I will update as soon as I am able. Thank you for your love, your support and your prayers. Misty is a fighter and a survivor. Send all your positive vibes her way now. Our house seems very quiet and very empty tonight. But I am confident that we will be bringing our baby home soon. Good night everyone, and God Bless you for loving our sweet Misty.

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