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After Slender Man stabbing case, parents use new social network to keep kids safe

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The Slender Man case first gripped the headlines a year and a half ago after two girls stabbed their friend nineteen times, all to appease the online fictional character.

"[The] Slender Man trial was what got me thinking about you know all the technology out there today," creator John Michaels said about the impetus for his rapidly growing parent driven website.

"It's tough to keep up, but hopefully we can help with that," Michaels said about the digital threats that remain real as parents try to stay one step ahead.

"Terrifying is a strong word, but I would say it is terrifying," Jennifer Recoy-Moore is one of those parents. Her step-daughter discovered predators lurking on Pinterest.

"I thought it would be safe and fun," but Recoy-Moore soon learned Pinterest had secret vaults that connected her 12-year-old to a dangerous crowd.

"They are in a murky world, when they are online, they have no idea who they are talking too, or who it is," she said.

Luckily Recoy-Moore found that gave her the tools to safeguard her teen.

"It's very helpful...and I have to say I've been visiting it more often," she said about the experience that has allowed her to freely post on about the scary Pinterest situation.

Recoy-Moore is one of five users in the Madison area, with 500 now nationwide, she says it helps her navigate not just what's new on the the net, but the slang kids are saying.

To learn more about the website, go to

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