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WI Dairy News: Portable cheese snacks

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PLYMOUTH (WKOW) -- More and more consumers are reaching for healthier snack options to replace meals, and increasingly, those snacks are including cheese.

David Portalatin is a food analyst and vice president for the NPD Group in Chicago.  He says, "One of the things that we see is the number of actual snack foods consumed is pretty consistent over time. What is changing is the fact that people are now eating more snack foods at traditional meal occasions."

Sargento Foods in Plymouth has a new line of cheese snacks that fall in with the trend of healthy eating.

“We’ve been focused more on kind of the healthy benefits of those products more recently in the past four or five years and we’ve seen opportunities to introduce more products like our new Balanced Breaks™, which provide a great source of protein and nutrition for consumers and their on-the-go lifestyles," says Chris McCarthy, the director of marketing at Sargento Foods.

The NPD Group stated that about 32% of consumers are eating healthy snacks to help tide them over between meals. Consumers are also more likely to assemble a collection of ready-to-eat snacks, and cheese is often part of that snack.

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