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Daylight Saving Time could cause health risks

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(WKOW) -- Besides losing an hour of sleep, Daylight Saving Time also comes with less than good news for anyone at risk of a stroke.  New research shows people already at risk, may have an increased risk with the time change. 

The study found a slight increase in stroke-related hospitalizations in the two days following Daylight Saving Time. 

Doctors don't want this finding to scare people, but rather make them aware of the stroke risk factors and signs.  They like to use the term "BE FAST," which stands for balance, eyes, face, arms, speech and time.  Loss of balance, changes in vision, facial drooping, arm numbness and speech difficulty are all possible signs of stroke, and time is the reminder to call 9-1-1 and get help right away. 

"You lose about two-million neurons per minute, so that's why it's so important that if you have exhibited any of these signs or symptoms of stroke, it's important to call someone right away and get the evaluation done," says Dr. Zeshaun Khawaja from the Cleveland Clinic. 

Besides knowing the symptoms of stroke, doctors say it's important to try and maintain a regular sleep-wake cycle, as well as healthy diet and exercise to help reduce the risk of suffering a stroke. 

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