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Woman shot by police officer after Walmart disturbance dies


LAKE HALLIE (WKOW) -- The Chippewa County Coroner confirmed the woman shot by a police officer Friday night has died. 

The sheriff's office was first called the Lake Hallie Walmart when a woman was causing a disturbance. Authorities said when they got there, the woman grabbed a hatchet from the sporting goods section. After asking her multiple times to put it down, officials said she lunged at an officer. That's when the Lake Hallie police officer pulled the trigger, shooting the woman twice. 

Chippewa County Coroner Ronald Patten said the woman was taken to the hospital, where she later died from her gunshot wounds. 


Officials say the woman was from the Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled, and she had two escorts with her. 

Lake Hallie (WQOW) - A section of the Lake Hallie Walmart is closed after a police officer shot a woman who was wildly swinging a hatchet inside the store. The Chippewa County Sheriff, Jim Kowalczyk, said the woman was taken to an Eau Claire hospital. 

Sheriff Kowalczyk said someone called 911 on Friday evening to report that a woman was being destructive inside the Lake Hallie Walmart. When she was asked to leave Kowalczyk said the woman grabbed a hatchet from the Sporting Goods section and started swiping at everything, tearing pillowcases in the process. 

The sheriff says the officer on scene asked the woman to drop the hatchet several times, instead, she lunged at the Lake Hallie Police officer. Sheriff Kowalczyk says the officer shot her twice. The woman was taken to an Eau Claire hospital. Its not clear what condition she is in. The officer was not injured.

The names of those involved have not been released. Sheriff Kowalczyk did say that the woman involved came to the store from the Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled. Kowalczyk said she was at the store with two "escorts". 

The Home and Garden section of the Walmart store remains closed. 

Law enforcement is expected to release more information Friday night. We'll share new information as it becomes available. 


Lake Hallie (WQOW) - Several Lake Hallie police cars and a couple Chippewa County Sheriff's Department squad cars are at the Walmart in Lake Hallie.  

Numerous people who were inside the store told News 18 that they heard what sounded like gunshots fired, and were then evacuated.  

A media relations spokesperson from Walmart has confirmed the Home and Garden area of the Lake Hallie Walmart has been roped off, but the store is still open to shoppers. They also told News 18 an investigation is underway, but would not comment as to what sparked the investigation. When pressed for information the spokesperson told News 18 to contact local law enforcement. 

A customer inside the Walmart at the time of the incident told News 18 that he saw a woman tearing items off of shelves. He claims he saw her running around the Home and Garden area with a knife in hand. The customer told News 18 that police arrived shortly after and the woman seemed to be threatening law enforcement with the knife. That witness said the confrontation ended when an officer shot the woman. 

Eau Claire police were also spotted at the Lake Hallie Walmart. News 18 is still waiting for law enforcement confirmation on the situation. 

A News 18 reporter is on the scene right now, we will post updates as they become available.  

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