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Competing companions: Hinkhouse family boosts Baraboo-Reedsburg rivalry

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WHITEWATER (WKOW) -- For athletes at Reedsburg High School, there's one school they never want to lose to.
"Baraboo. It's like our rival school. It's just a big deal," Reedsburg track athlete Alison Mundth said.
And for Baraboo.
"Most definitely Reedsburg. We definitely want to beat them any time we compete," Baraboo athlete Josie Schaefer said.
For the two head coaches of the Baraboo and Reedsburg girls track and field teams, the incentive to win in this rivalry is intensified. That's because the opposing head coaches are a married couple. Annie Hinkhouse is the head girls track and field coach at Baraboo, while her husband Brett is the head coach at Reedsburg.
"It's an everyday kind of battle, but we make it work," Annie said.
Race days are especially interesting when both teams face off, as the Hinkhouse's two young children even get involved.
"We have to drive separately and I brought my son [Wynn], who was wearing Baraboo [gear] and he brought Charlie my daughter who was wearing Reedsburg [gear]," Annie said.
Last season was especially difficult at the Badger Conference meet, when Baraboo tied for second, one spot behind who else, Reedsburg.
"I was pretty salty," Annie said.

"She didn't speak to me for the second half of the meet," Brett said.

"I mean it got real. It did," Annie said.
There may be some spousal strife at times, but these competing companions know once the meet is over, they can always kiss and make up.
"I think we make each other better," Brett said.

"We met at a track meet, got engaged at a track meet, so track is obviously a huge part of our lives. As a couple it's like hey we get to work together still, even though we're separate we get to see each other that's kind of cool," Annie said.

Annie and Brett live in Reedsburg and as a graduate of Reedsburg High School, Annie is now coaching against her alma mater.

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