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Lacrosse fast-paced and fast-growing in Wisconsin

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OREGON (WKOW) -- For years in the state of Wisconsin, La Crosse was just a city.
"I had no idea what it was," Oregon Senior Trent Ricker said.
"I had seen it on ESPN a couple times, it looked cool, but yeah really nothing," Oregon senior Riley Collins said.
Now there's a certain word consistently being used to describe lacrosse as a sport.
"It's a fast game," Oregon head coach Dave Kean said.
Fast on the field and in the growth of participation.
"It's like something that no one knew and now everyone knows about the sport of lacrosse. It's moving east to west and I think right now midwest is just booming with this sport" Ricker said.
In 2004 there was just under 500 high school boys lacrosse participants in the entire state of Wisconsin. Last season (2015), there was nearly 2500.
"Lacrosse is just different. A lot of fun to watch, a lot of fun to play, by far the most fun I've had in a sport," Collins said.
"I also play football and I kind of keep that a humble sport, but lacrosse I can be a little more, do some fancy stuff, kind of get the oo's and ahh's from the crowd," Ricker said.
The Oregon High School boys high school team has seen a significant spike, as it's more than doubled its participation total in the last year alone, to 31 players.
"It gives a lot of kids that didn't have opportunities in other sports something to do and I think it's great," Kean said.
"Now we have 31 kids in the school with jerseys and everyone's like oh there's a lacrosse game today. We're getting more students out here. It's just really nice to have," Ricker said.
Next on their minds recognition from the WIAA, and at this pace of growth it certainly has a shot.
"That is absolutely the goal and I don't think it's too far. We're trying to do things to keep the women's game and the boys game going at the same time in order to facilitate some of the WIAA things happening. That is definitely the long-term goal. I think it's sooner rather than later," Kean said.

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