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Edgewood College senior improves game after taking on personal adversity

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VERONA (WKOW) -- For many who play the game, baseball is as much about the mind as it is the mit.
"You can have all the ability in the world, but if you're not knowing the situation or knowing tendencies, that can play a big part in you failing," Edgewood College senior Jake Yellovich said,
A lot of it is perspective.
"I make an error, can I bounce back? Baseball's a funny thing, the ball always finds you next," Edgewood College baseball head coach Al Brisack said.
The same goes in life. Over the past 23 months, Edgewood College's Jake Yellovich has seen his fair share of curveballs.
"Coming into the summer [2014] I tore my ACL and I was done until the spring season. And then last year my mom [Liz] got diagnosed with breast cancer and that was tough," Yellovich said.
Just a month later in June 2015, there was more.
"In a break between class my dad [Vic] called and said he got diagnosed with this. He had a little dosage of colon cancer. It was just kind of thinking, what's going to happen next?" Yellovich said.
For Yellovich what happened next was an altered outlook.
"I think it made me more mature as a person, kind of getting me a retrospect in life," Yellovich said.
As a senior, Yellovich is having the best season of his career hitting .333. In his mind, it's a credit to a new approach every time he steps to the plate.
"It's a lot easier fighting off a 3-2 curveball than having both your parents diagnosed with cancer a month apart," Yellovich said,
A new perspective that's improved Yellovich as both a player and a person.
"Now I've got more respect for life and more respect for just approaching things with a more professional mentality," Yellovich said.
"To Jake's credit he decided I'm just going to take every day as a blessing. It's made him into an amazing young man," Brisack said.
After treatment, both of Yellovich's parents are cancer free. Both travel from Minnesota to watch nearly every one of Edgewood College's games.

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