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Lodi's "Twin Power"

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LODI, Wis. (WKOW) -- Something is in the water in Lodi and it's evident out on the track.

On the varsity track and field team, three sets of twins compete for the Blue Devils.

"It's awesome when we can get them in the same events together," head coach Randy Skellenger said during the Marshall Cardinal Relays," I had a couple of the boys in triple jump together. We'll also get a couple of the girls together in the relays."

Skellenger has never seen this many twins on one team in his 15 years of coaching. 

Identical twins Alex and Trevor Von Behren, fraternal twins Riley and Bailey Leckwee and Alex and Anya Armbrust all participate in various events and sometimes they race against each other. 

"It's a competition every day," Alex said.

Twin brother Trevor adds, "Like who can brush their teeth the fastest. Who can shower first. " 

Twins Bailey and Riley agree. 

"Sometimes when we're against each other it gives me more motivation to like, "I need to beat her!" 

"When they do race each other individually," Skellenger said, "you can defintiely tell that one of them has got something going on at the end, kind of like, put it to them."

The boys team placed first as a team in the Marshall Cardinal Relays and the girls took second.  

There are 17 sets of twins at Lodi High School, with nine sets in the tenth grade alone. 

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