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UW students' love story unfolds on Snapchat

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MADISON (WKOW) -- A love story on UW-Madison's campus has a modern day twist to it. 

A student posted on UW's Snapchat to try and find someone she was head over heels for. In the video, she says, "The guy wearing the Vikings Jersey on the UW Snap Story, I'm seriously in love with you. Find me." The guy in the Vikings jersey responded to her, "To the girl from Memorial library, it looks like they took down my first Snap, but that's OK. If it's fate maybe they'll post this one. Um, meet me here." He posted he was at the Discovery Center at 8:30. 

"Mystery Girl" missed that meeting. The two kept posting videos and pictures under the geotag "Help Vikings Fan Find Mystery Girl."

Then, hundreds of other students started getting involved to help them and wanting updates about where the two were and where they would finally meet.

Eventually, the two met up at the Kollege Klub, a bar off campus. They shared a Snapchat picture together with the caption "I found her!!!"

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