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Defying the odds: Misty's Story

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PORTAGE (WKOW) -- It's been nearly five months since we first introduced you to Misty. The black Labrador retriever mixed breed was found in a duffel bag with a severe head injury.  Back then, Misty was in pretty bad shape and many didn't think she would survive.

For Brenda Vesely, hearing the horrific details of Misty’s abuse really hit a nerve.  She’s been an animal lover and activist for more than 30 years.

“Senior pets have so much love to give,” said Vesely.  “They love you a little bit deeper. “

Vesely and her husband have been fostering Misty for several months.

At first Misty was thought to be 10 years old, but now doctors thinks she’s closer to 16.

Dr. Michael Cooper tended to her wounds the night she was found.

“The pathologist gave her 90 days at that time, but Misty doesn’t care what the pathologist say,” said Cooper.  “She just has a great attitude and really does have a will to live.”

That will to live has allowed Misty to gain six pounds.

“He [Dr. Cooper] told us it’s all because of the love and care that she’s getting and that she’s going to be around here for a while,” said Vesely.

Misty has become very popular on social media.  She has thousands of fans around the world including; China, Germany and even Australia.  To stay connected, Brenda has set up a Facebook account, so she can tell Misty’s story.

“It’s not writing what I want to write,” said Vesely.  “When I look into her eyes, there’s a connection between her and I.”

Vesely wants stiffer penalties for animal abusers and is working to write, “Misty’s Bill.”

“As of right now in the state of Wisconsin, 3 ½ years is the maximum that someone can get for doing this to an animal,” said Vesely.  “I just don’t think that’s enough.”

Misty’s former owner Terri Lynn Benson is due back in court in June to face animal cruelty charges.

In February, Misty had surgery to remove an abscessed tumor from her chest.  Since then Dr. Cooper says Misty is doing phenomenally well, especially for a 16-year-old dog.

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