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Former Badgers star making push for Olympics

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The Olympics are a glamorous affair. However, former Badgers thrower Michael Lihrman has found the road to the Olympics is not always a glamorous one.

"Oh, it's been extremely difficult. It really hits you in the face. You don't really expect it when you graduate, but you really got to teach yourself to have the self-motivation to practice every single day."

Lihrman now has to motivate himself to work out nearly every day in addition to working part-time at a local hotel. He also received a grant from USA Track and Field to help cover his travel expenses to compete at meets. Those meets have been going well for the hammer thrower. He has improved in each competition.

"I was expecting maybe 71 meters. I threw 68 my first meet, 72 my second meet. So, almost 74 on my third is good."

But 77 meters is the lucky number.

"I need to throw 77. Seventy-seven will get me into the Olympics," Lihrman says. "Just got to keep pushing myself hard for these next two months. I'm going to be training extra hard, lifting three times a week on top of 6 practices a week. So, it's going to be tricky."c

If he hits that number, he'll be one throw closer to his ultimate goal: standing on the podium at Rio.

"It'd feel awesome. All my goals would come true."

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