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Illinois lawmaker wants to eliminate the "tampon tax"

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ILLINOIS (WKOW) -- The Illinois legislature is currently considering a bill that would eliminate the 6.25% tax on feminine hygiene products.

That tax is a luxury tax, levied because feminine hygiene products are considered luxury items, putting them in the same category as shampoo. Taxing pads and tampons bring in $10 million in tax dollars annually for Illinois.

Melinda Bush, Illinois state senator for the 31st district, sponsored a bill that would eliminate that tax. It passed Illinois' Senate on April 21, and is currently being considered by the House, which has until May 27 to take action. 

If the bill were to become law, it could start saving women money as early as next year. Bush says it's an important step towards equality. "What we're really talking about here is a bigger global issue," she said, "and that's that women have been paying more for things throughout their lives and maybe don't even know it?"

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