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Borland still tackling concussion issue after football career

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On a quiet night in Middleton, a men's group of more than 100 at St. Luke's Lutheran Church listened closely as former Badgers star Chris Borland told his story. The former professional linebacker who stepped away from the game after just one season in the NFL is still the same man he once was, but now he possesses more knowledge of the disease known as CTE. He wants others to know the same.

"Who's not for awareness? Who's not for information? Let's continue to find out what we can, and so guys can make informed decisions."

For Borland, his primary focus isn't on public speaking or leading a movement. Instead, his heart is set on helping families who watch a loved one suffer.

"Meeting so many people who have had their lives affected by brain damage from football, I'm going to continue to do things for those guys because they played in an era where they didn't know what they were getting into. Also, they didn't make very much money."

Borland is on a mission but insists he's not crusading against football. 

"I don't really want people to treat football like it's the plague. I just think that you can do it far more responsibly."

Borland does not believe the NFL is being transparent about the issue.

"I think it's paradoxical to say the game has never been safer, at the same time say we need more research whenever anyone is critical of it. You know Heads Up Football campaign and things they are doing and saying is more for brand than it is for health of the players."

Borland believes it will take years of research to find concrete answers about the issue.

"There's guys that have played for a long time and are totally healthy. There's still a lot more to know. There's a lot more question marks than answers."

So, Borland will continue to do his part to push for more answers. 

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