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Girl's karaoke video goes viral

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WKOW) -- Audrey Nethery has taken the internet by storm thanks to her karaoke skills.

The seven year old now has more than a million followers on Facebook because of the videos on her page of her singing and dancing. Despite her high energy dancing and singing, Audrey is suffering from the disease Diamond Blackfan Anemia.

Her parents created the Facebook page as a way to raise awareness for the disease. Audrey's videos have helped her gain attention. She even got the chance to perform on the stage at the International Zumba, Audrey hasn't let her disease slow her down, 

"You just have to take a breath and say I can do this," Audrey said. "And then you go out there and then you just do it."

Audrey's popularity has given her the chance to meet a lot of people and celebrities. She had the chance to meet and perform for Rachel Ray, but check out the video above to find out which celebrity was  Audrey's inspiration. 

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