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Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld track star doesn't let disability hold him back

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MADISON, Wis. (WKOW) -- At a track and field meet, you come across all sorts of talented athletes: From the sprinters to the distance runners, to the throwers and jumpers. And some, like Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld junior Brenden Ojibway, take a shot at multiple events. 

"He's everywhere. He makes it to the high jump, he makes it to the pole vault," says the co-op's head coach Sara Lazarescu. "Yeah, he's just a normal team member."

And just like every normal team member, Brenden trains and competes to the fullest of his ability, which means he never let's his disability hold him back.

"I have Spina bifida, which is from the waist down," says seventeen-year-old Brenden, who has never been able to move his lower body.  

But thanks to modern day technology and support from his community, Brenden is able to compete in nearly every event he desires. This season, he competes in four: the 400 meter, the 800 meter, the mile, and the shot put. 

Lazarescu adds that many people don't even know wheelchair-bound athletes can even compete in track & field in the WIAA. 

"When he goes to meets, you'll have kids that will ask questions about his chair, "says Lazarescu, "and he is not afraid to tell them everything."

Brenden usually steals the show at every meet he competes in, but that's mainly due to the fact that he's the only one lining up at the starting line.

"All season, he doesn't have any competition he's racing against himself. We really don't have a standard to set him against. He's really just racing against the clock," says Lazarescu.

It isn't until the state meet that he actually competes against another human being.

He competed at the state meet for the first time last season and Coach Lazarescu still gets goosebumps when talking about his 800 meter race.  

"He got second in the 400 and in the 800 [it] came down to the last 100 meters. He surged with about 50 meters left. We were all going crazy and he won! It was a great moment."

So this June, Brenden will have a title to defend.

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