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4-year old saves herself and cousin from locked bathroom

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TEMPE, AZ (WKOW) -- A 4-year-old was able to save herself and her 3-year-old cousin from being locked in a bathroom thanks to a valuable piece of advice from her dad: right tighty, lefty loosey.

Firefighters in Arizona were called to help two kids out of a locked bathroom, but it was 4-year old Malaysia who really got herself and her 3-year-old cousin RJ out.  Malaysia said the door was jammed and she tried to use a hammer to bust open the lock, but it didn't work. The family called the local fire department to come help them get out.  When the firefighters arrived, they slid a phone under the door and had Malaysia take a picture of the lock to see what they were up against. They determined that they needed Malaysia to unscrew the lock from the inside and the door would open. Once Malaysia had the screwdriver, she went back to what her dad taught her.

"My dad told me righty tighty, lefty loosey," she told a local television reporter.

She unscrewed the jammed lock and she and RJ finally got out. There were high-fives all around with the firefighters. The firefighters rewarded Malaysia and RJ by letting them tour the fire truck. They also gave Malaysia a sticker badge and named her junior firefighter of the day.

Malaysia told the local news station they were stuck in the bathroom for 13 hours. It was really 30 minutes, but when you're stuck, it can feel like eternity. 

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