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Dan the Quail needs a new home; information on helping wild baby animals

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The Dane County Humane Society has some interesting animals at its shelter other than the typical dogs and cats. 

Friday, volunteer Marissa DeGroot showed off Dan the Quail during her visit to the WKOW studios for Wake Up Wisconsin. Dan and two other quail were found stray in McFarland. The staff at DCHS's wildlife rehabilitation program were able to confirm they were not wild but domestic quail. One female has already found a home at Olbrich Gardens Conservatory. Now, the shelter is looking for special homes for the two males.

Marissa says spring is here, and that means so are wild babies. If you're outside you may find baby wild animals you think are orphaned. If they are clearly hurt or sick, please contact DCHS's Four Lakes Wildlife Center for information on how to help at (608) 287-3235. If you're not sure they've been orphaned, wait and observe (if you can) from a safe distance. Many parents keep a distance from their young so they don't attract predators. If you see a baby bird fallen from a nest, you can place them back in their nest if they're healthy and it's safe to do so. Marissa says it's a myth that parent animals will reject their young if they smell like humans!

For more information, visit this website.

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